Passenger Help Center

1. How do I book Taxiya?

Open the Taxiya app on your Smartphone. You are automatically located via GPS. The ‚Taxi Radar’ function shows you all available taxis nearby. You confirm your location with your first click. In, Drop Location you can add your drop address and, if required,. The next click confirms Vehicle selection and Confirm to Book now, and you bindingly book a taxi. Your driver is displayed with name, rating and remaining distance.

2. Can I cancel my request?

Yes, but you should inform your driver anyway.

3. How do I recognize my Taxiya?

Your booking confirmation for your Taxiya not only includes the name and phone number of your taxi driver, but also the vehicle registration.

4. What about “Prebook” Service?

Yes, advance bookings are possible without problems. The advance booking period depends on your location and on taxi availability. You can enter your advance booking in "Prebook".

5. What is the "Favourite Drivers" function?

Using the ‚Favourite Drivers’ function, you can save your favourite driver in your app. Before each trip, you can decide whether your request should be sent to your favourite driver first. You can also save this booking option as a default setting.

6. How do I add a‚ "Favourite Driver"?

There are two ways to add a favourite driver: You can rate your driver at the end of the trip. In the menu under ‚Trips’, you can add drivers as ‚Favourite Drivers’. You can also search for a specific driver directly in the Menu under ‚Favourite Drivers’ based on his driver ID and save him.

7. Why do I have to enter a phone number when booking?

Your phone number is important so that the driver can get in touch with you if there are questions or sudden difficulties (traffic jam, blocked area, etc.).

8. How to get in touch with Taxiya?

You can reach our team via phone at +94 112 174 175 or via mail at